Bed Bugs. The Plague of the Beds

At first glance, it is difficult to detect them, since their size is approximately that of a seed of fruit such as a pear or an apple. However, the bed bug is an insect that is found all over the world.

During the day, bed bugs usually spend hidden hours like cockroaches, hidden in any small dark corner where they cannot be seen: hidden places of furniture, under carpets, cracks of walls and floors and most feared, in the interior of the sheets or blankets of sofas and beds.

Here you will find more information about bed bugs and especially how to deal with bed bugs at home.

How do I find bed bugs?

They are small bugs, usually reddish-brown but also green, depending on their habitat, and have a recognizable flat shape on their body with two protruding antennae on their heads.

As you know, they remain hidden by the day, so it is rather a nocturnal animal. At nightfall, they go out in search of their food, which, unfortunately, is none other than human blood. That is why they are looking for foci of human heat, and once they have found it, they draw the blood leaving a sting or rash on the skin.

This species stores in its saliva a substance to prevent blood clotting while feeding, so when they finish their feast, they retreat back to their dark areas to continue their process.

  • The first sign of having bed bugs at home is, of course, noticing the bed bug bite. It is similar to that of the mosquito with the naked eye, although while the mosquito usually makes a single foray into the same area, the bug repeats the feeding process several times in the same area.
  • Bed bugs also often leave a trail as they pass through our house, not just on our skin. On the sheets, you can find stains of their droppings or even blood stains that correspond to crushed or dead bedbugs.
  • On the other hand, eggs are also visible. They are very small, just 1 millimeter in diameter, but by putting many together, you can differentiate them by their light yellow color.
  • If you’ve seen them hanging around, it’s clearly the safest evidence that you have these bugs hanging around the house.

How to deal with bed bugs

Well, now that you know you have them, let’s explain how to eliminate bed bugs.

Having cleaning habits is very important

The first thing you have to know is that these pests are common, especially bed bug pests. Therefore, to end them, it is necessary to follow cleaning habits.

Start by vacuuming daily and changing the sheets at least once a week.

Homemade option to end bed bugs

Of course, there is specific insecticide for bedbugs, as well as poison for bedbugs.

It is an option that you can find in hardware stores and even in supermarkets, although we recommend that you think twice, especially if we are talking about bedbugs that have nested in your clothes or in your bed since these types of products are also toxic for the humans.

Professional option to win this battle

The most common way in which experts against pests end them, beyond the fumigation of bedbugs, is the use of a method of application of extreme temperatures that kill the eggs and nymphs of bedbugs.

You can do it at home by applying steam, for example, on sheets and clothes where you think they can be found. In the same way, if it is a hot day, take the clothes to the terrace or to the balcony so that the direct exposure to the sun makes them leave my legs.

Natural remedies never fail

Of course, we also have natural remedies that act as a bed bug repellent.

For example, turmeric is a potential enemy of these bugs thanks to its high antimicrobial power. They basically cut off the oxygen supply and make them die or migrate to other places, so it is another useful method to get rid of bed bugs.

The lavender oil and especially mint, also pose a strong repellent for them because they do not support its strong smell and begin a migration to other areas as soon as they smell.

What to do before a bed bug bite?

If a bed bug has bitten you, don’t worry. The important thing is to know that they are at home and do everything possible to end them by following the steps above.

If you have bites, you will know by the redness of the area, as they cause edema with fairly intense itching.

The first thing you have to do is wash the bite with soap and water, and if you want to apply some anti-allergic or anti-bite cream, do it gently about twice a day.

The bites will disappear in about two weeks, but it is very important that despite the itching, do not scratch continuously, as you could infect the wound.

Now that you know how to kill bed bugs and how to cure bites, remember that it is very easy to prevent a new litter of bugs.

Keep the home clean, without tangles that can serve as a hiding place for bedbugs and, above all, often vacuum and wash the bedding.

That way, you make sure they think twice before nesting again in your home.

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