The Most Common Pests – Ants

We have all seen them sometime. In the park, in the garden, in the garden, or even inside our homes. Ants are very common insects that have, however, some characteristics that make them a unique species.

They are hypersocial insects that live in very large communities from which they work in order to cooperate for their survival. They are formic and belong to the order of the Hymenoptera.

They are often confused with termites, especially when they enter the house, but eliminate carpenter ants have a narrow belt between the abdomen and the chest, something that termites do not have. In addition, ants have articulated head antennas and powerful jaws.

Where do they reside?

Ants are traditional animals typical of tropical climates, but let’s not fool ourselves. There are more than 10,000 species of this insect, so in places with moderately mild or hot temperatures, it is usually an animal that is never lacking, until colonizing virtually all areas of the planet, with the only exception of places with climates more extremes.

Ants live in colonies that unusually have a dozen individuals, although the usual thing in places furthest from human nuclei is that they have hundreds or thousands of specimens and even millions in some cases.

Ant pests

It is not surprising that, if we live in an area close to nature, sometime in our life, we ​​suffer a plague of ants. As you know, these small insects make their miniature metropolises in the underground, creating what we know as an anthill. In them, frantic life never ceases. Therefore, if a colony decides to start its nest very close to our floors, walls, doors, and windows, we are more likely to find them hanging around.

  • Finding a few individuals in the garden should not be a problem, but sometimes a small community can become a plague that does not travel only on the ground but also by chairs, tables, and even your own body. In addition, in case you have plants in flower beds, there may also be some clueless that starts the nest inside.
  • Actually, they are in any type of plant, for example, also those of orchard. They also have the addition of providing them with food, so they are even more juicy for them.
  • The real problem, without a doubt, is to find them at home , and the most common in these cases is that they visit the kitchen or in the dining room, since if they enter it is because they know they will be able to find small crumbs or pieces of food that they can transport to his anthill to fill his succulent food store. Remember that their nests are not only located on the grass, but also under the cobblestones, in the gaps between walls or between the wall and the floor.
  • In many cases, however, you can find flying ants in homes. It is not another species, but the queens of the group. They are known as alúas. When the change of season arrives, especially at the end of the summer, the queens develop their wings and look for new settlements for the anthill to spend the winter. And why do we always see them after the first rains? The answer is simple, take advantage of this moment when the ground is softer to dig the anthill easily. Although you see them en masse, it is their natural cycle, and it will only last a few days.

How to end ant pests

If you want to know how to eliminate ants, the first thing you have to know is how to prevent their appearance. We will explain how to end the unwanted ants in your home, so pay attention to the following points.

  1. Do you have the doors open for them? It probably seems obvious to you to answer no, but in many cases, we are not so careful. Doors, windows, holes in the walls or on the floor, are some of its most common entry points. If you live in a field or forest area, remember to install mosquito nets on doors and windows, put grilles of small holes in the chimney outlets and, ultimately, seal all possible entry sites using silicone if necessary.
  2. Use ant repellents. There are poisons and chemical powders that act as a barrier for ants and that you can find in many supermarkets or hardware stores. For example, diatomaceous earth or salt, which has a drying effect on them. You can spread it in boundary areas between your home and the street, such as window frames, door edges, etc. Another toxic substance is boric acid, which is mixed with sugar, will be established as a trap. In any case, remember that they are harmful substances for both humans and pets, so you should read their instructions for use and use them with caution.
  3. If you only have a few, when you see them inside the house, you can spray them with a mixture of soap and water that is toxic to them.
  4. The homemade methods are lice shampoo, liquid detergent, talcum powder, vinegar, or even spreading grains of rice in areas close to their anthill. This last method will take several days to take effect since the ants have to transport them inside the anthill and eat them since they are poisonous to them.
  5. Plants that function as a natural repellent are lavender, oregano or red pepper, as well as coffee grounds.

Remember that seeing one or two specimens occasionally in your home if it is located in an outdoor area or you constantly have open doors or windows is not a pest indicator, but in case of suffering one, now you know how to exterminate these ant pests.

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