The Terror of the Vineyard – The Green Mosquito

Although we associate mosquitoes with diseases and bites in humans, some varieties can also cause serious damage to some crops.

This is the case of the green mosquito, one of the main terrors of grapevine farmers. In this article, we give you the necessary information so that you know which insect you are facing and how to kill it.

A harmful mosquito

The green mosquito is a small insect that measures approximately 3 to 4 millimeters. It has a light green color very characteristic of its species.

It is a polyphagous insect, so it feeds on a multitude of crops causing serious damage, including the vine, orange, mandarin, beet, or artichoke, although the first is the one that suffers the most.

Their pests are very active and can cause serious damage due to their feeding method since they suck the sap of the main nerves of the leaves.

Therefore, they can cause complete defoliation and great weakness and loss of vigor in the plant, causing problems in the correct development of the plant.

The green mosquito on the vine

As we have said, although it can affect many types of crops, the green mosquito causes real damage to the vine.

Therefore, we will point out the different damages that can be done in this plant:

  • First, it causes desiccation at the edges of the leaves, which ultimately results in a delay in the ripening period of the fruits.
  • On the other hand, when they attack when the fruit is ripening, they can cause the loss of leaves at a time when the grape is accumulating sugars and fattening, so it can prevent the plant from continuing to grow and progress in its cycle normally.
  • As for the leaves of some species, they have a strange appearance with angular spots when they have been attacked by the green mosquito that can be confused with symptoms of nutrient loss.

How to eliminate green mosquito pests

The green mosquito is a very annoying pest that can greatly affect the harvest of our plants, but this does not make it resistant to all remedies.

In fact, there are numerous ways to end it in a chemical, biological, and physical way. Here are some solutions to fight the green mosquito :

  1. First of all, remember that you can always find specialized insecticides in any pest, although we recommend that you limit their use since they can cause damage by poisoning the plants and their fruit as well as the environment in which they are.
  2. On the other hand, in terms of biological control remedies, you can try to look for natural predators or insects that act as repellents and try to create a small population around your garden. For example, ladybugs and wasps are some of the enemy species of the green mosquito, so creating small hotels for bugs will help them stay in your area.
  3. As a natural remedy, you can spray a solution of water with soap throughout the plant, both in mosquitoes and where they lay their eggs.
  4. On the other hand, tobacco infusions also work to keep many pests away.
  5. Finally, fresh nettles macerated for at least one day can act as a natural repellent once applied to the affected plants.
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